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Our Center facilities have been designed for independent seniors. The following are guidelines that individuals must meet before qualifying as a member.

  1. 55 years of age or older.

  2. Able to independently negotiate Center facilities/field trip locations safely.

  3. Arrange for transportation to and from the Center and if using Amherst Senior Transportation Services, to independently get on and off a vehicle in a safe manner.

  4. Able to understand and carry out directions from staff.

  5. Able to recognize and respond appropriately to emergency situations.

  6. Able to participate appropriately in a social setting using respectful manners and language.

  7. Able to eat independently.

  8. Able to use the restroom unassisted.

  9. Poses no risk to self or others.

An individual who requires assistance with activities of daily living may be able to join in Center activities if he/she has a companion or family member with them at all times and approval from Center Director.

All program applicants must meet eligibility requirements, participation guidelines, and adhere to the Code of Conduct for the Senior Center. The Amherst Center for Senior Services reserves the right to deny access to the Senior Center or to discharge a participant when program eligibility requirements are no longer met.


Senior Center staff (includes Social Case Worker & Program Representative) will make the initial determination as to membership eligibility and advise potential participants of other resources that may better meet their needs. If membership has been denied, a potential participant may file a written appeal. The appeal should contain the facts pertinent to the case. Mail or personally deliver the appeal to the Director of Senior Services. The appeal must be received within ten business days of membership denial. The decision of the Director or his/her designee shall be final.

Membership Information: FAQ
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